Experience the essence of Nova Scotia; A working fishing village, picturesque cove inlet,
fishing boats, shops and galleries, rocky coastline, lighthouse, original old red schoolhouse, crashing ocean waves, but most importantly the natural pace of life here.

It's only a 10min walk through the village but we suggest 2 hours to leisurely shop, snack, sightsee and experience the tranquil atmosphere of Peggy's Cove. Slow down and help us maintain the Cove's peaceful lifestyle:

The best way to see Peggys Cove is to walk through the village from one end to the other, to experience the contrast between quiet fishing village at sunset and the breaking waves on the lighthouse rocks. The Provincial Parking Lot provides interpretive plaques to answer many of your questions about the village. This starting point places you within walking distance of the DeGarthe Fisherman's Monument and Gallery, the St. John's Anglican Church, the Cove area with fishing boats and wharves, and then the lighthouse and rocks. There are many opportunities for magnificent photos and, of course, shopping along the way. Stop in and experience Beales' Bailiwick!

Peggys cove, the most photographed spot in Canada needs little description! Famous for its lighthouse and magnificent sunsets, it remains an active fishing village. Peggy's Cove is located on Nova Scotia's south shore, only fifty kilometres from Halifax, the provincial capital.